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The Maldives are a destination for the best in diving, local culture and history, and exquisite cuisine. Here you’ll never have to compromise white sand beaches or crystal clear waters — you can have it all!

Why did we choose the Maldives?

There are many exotic locations we could have started Mosaique, but the Maldives has perfect weather almost year round! With over 1,190 coral islands and 26 atolls, the geography of the Maldives is uniquely its own.

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Creating an exclusive luxury yacht experience tailored to you!

The Mosaique yacht is different from other cruise experiences because we have you in mind! We know how amazing the marine life is and the beauty of the white sand beaches, which is why we created a yacht experience in the Maldives — so everyone can come to know the magic it holds.

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See the Maldives
like never before!

On Board the Mosaique

No details were spared when we began planning the Mosaique for the best in on-the-water escapism, complete with a fresh feel to an old passage in the Maldives.

360-Degree Views

Take in everything the Maldives radiates with a yacht that was designed with a view at every angle! You’ll never miss the crystal clear waters or marine life popping up — views abound!

Luxury Amenities

The Mosaique has the opulence of the Maldives with luxury amenities that only heightens your trip! Explore the waters and sign up for diving at our dive center or stay committed to your wellness when you visit our world-class health club.

Many of our rooms have private balconies and outdoor baths which are supremely exclusive to the Mosaique.

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life with quiet evenings under a star-sprinkled sky — perfect for star-gazing on our large deck complete with a jacuzzi for eight!

Mosaique Spa

Vacation is for unplugging, relaxing, and unwinding, and this is exactly what happens in our spa! Revel in rejuvenating treatments from massages to facials — tranquility awaits!

Don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime and come and see what the Mosaique has to offer!