Terms & Condition

  1. You are bound by the following terms and conditions which constitute the basis of your contract with Shore Investments Pvt Ltd hereinafter referred to as Maldive Mosaique, Us or We, under which you book your Maldive Mosaique's holiday. You or Guest is referred to as a person making this booking, guests traveling under this booking including children under guest’s care.

  2. Your payment is your acceptance that you have the authority from all Guests, including their children included in your booking, to accept these Terms and Conditions on their behalf.

  3. Maldive Mosaique accepts major credit cards while online payment charges will apply and be added to each payment made by you.

  4. Unless stated otherwise, all Maldive Mosaique's rates indicated on Maldive Mosaique's official website are quoted in United States Dollars (USD) and are per person, based on two or three persons sharing a room. 

  5. The online rates are exclusive of service charge and taxes. Taxes will be included at online checkout while service charge and some fees applicable to extra services offered onboard or third parties depending on the use of the service might need to be paid during the trip or at checkout procedure from the vessel on the day of departure.

  6. The online rates might change at any time but shall affect future bookings only. 

  7. The only option for the guest to enjoy single occupancy is to pay for the minimum occupancy. In some cases, a discount is offered in single occupancy requests.

  8. Package means three dives per day excluding arrival and departure days, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, transfers between the International airport and the vessel, Barbecue night, water, coffee and tea, accommodation as per your booking, fishing and other water sports without the use of rentable equipment. 

  9. Only certified divers are allowed to dive and those without certifications need to complete a relevant course onboard which could be completed in a day or two.

  10. Cancellations need to be made in writing to sales@maldivemosaique.com and the cancellation fees apply. The full amount is payable for early departures, no-shows and cancellations received by Maldive Mosaique between 0 to 57 days before the booked arrival date. 50% of the total amount is payable for cancellations received by Maldive Mosaique 58 to 89 days before the booked arrival date. Maldive Mosaique shall reimburse any balance but reserves the right to deduct all related bank charges from the refund.

  11. Amendments will be attended to cater to the requests as much as possible based on availability and cancellation policy. It will be handled case by case basis and extra charges may incur to the guests.

  12. Maldive Mosaique reserves the right to cancel tours before departure for any reason, logistical or unforeseen technical problems that make a trip inadvisable. All related payments received from the Guest shall be promptly and fully refunded by Us and this refund will be the limit of Maldive Mosaique's liability. Sudden reasons such as but not limited to bad weather and sea conditions, lack of supply availability in the market, government intervention, civil unrest, sudden illness of a key staff member such as the captain, force majeure are deemed as reasons beyond the control of Maldive Mosaique. In such circumstances, Maldive Mosaique shall not be liable for refunds or compensation in any way, shape or form.

  13. In the event that a Guest cannot be accommodated onboard due to circumstances, which are directly related to Maldive Mosaique, such as technical problems with the vessel, double bookings and/or lack of supply due to bad management, Maldive Mosaique shall accommodate the Guest in another adequate establishment at no additional expense to the Guest including options of other similar vessels or hotels. This is applicable to whole charter trips as well.

  14. Maldive Mosaique recommends that all guests purchase comprehensive international travel insurance which covers diving-related accidents, medical treatment, and baggage safety, as well as any travel-related incident.

  15. Issues relating to Guest medications, vaccinations, visas, travel documents validity, and prohibited items are the sole responsibility of the Guests. Maldive Mosaique is not a child-friendly vessel and thus full safety and caring of the child is the responsibility of the Guests while we would do as much as possible to accommodate any requests by the guests in this regard. Guests are responsible to meet the health and disability requirements defined by the operator and make sure they are in good shape by conducting a health checkup by a healthcare professional. Guests must notify us in writing at the time of booking of any dietary requirements, physical or mental illness, disability or other conditions for which special arrangements need to be made and could be chargeable.

  16. Captain has the full authority to decide on the final route and selection of diving spots if he deems so fit given a circumstance demanding alterations. He also has authority over guests and can decide on involving local police or disembarkation of a Guest if any unlawful or unacceptable behavior is observed. Maldive Mosaique will not be responsible for any loss in case of such decisions.

  17. All Guests must abide by the vessels’ safety policy and must comply with diving restrictions relative to their qualifications. 

  18. Maldive Mosaique, it’s crew, owners, directors, holding company or any contracted third party shall not be liable in any way for any loss of or damage to the property or any belongings of guests for injury, death, illness, effect or other loss to a Guest however caused until and unless it was lead by direct and sole negligence of the Maldive Mosaique. No Guests shall indemnify Maldive Mosaique, its owners, employees, and directors and hold legally or financially responsible against all costs, proceedings, claims and demands sustained by or brought or made against Maldive Mosaique on any other account. In the case of Maldive Mosaique’s direct negligence, the total liability of Maldive Mosaique towards the Guest shall be limited to a total not exceeding the remuneration received by the related guest.

  19. All costs associated with the repair of damage to any part or item of the vessel caused by a guest or a child under guest’s care are the sole responsibility of the guest and repair and revenue loss shall be compensated by the guest.

  20. Maldive Mosaique will not sell or give away any of your data to any external party. However, we may use this information in our own marketing efforts and Maldive Mosaique has the right to use photos and videos taken by the crew on board, on our websites and social media pages, making sure that no inappropriate media is published. Our media will be restricted to be used by any third party and such illegal use shall not hold Us liable at any level. 

  21. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Maldives.

  22. The obligations in this Terms and Conditions shall be rendered invalid in all circumstances of force majeure such as act of God, civil unrest, war and warlike conditions, strikes, natural catastrophes, perils of the sea, fire, thefts, epidemics, acts of terrorism, government ordered measures of closure and restraint that jeopardizes the ability of either the Guest or Maldive Mosaique to perform its duties. Under any conditions of force majeure, Maldive Mosaique shall hold no liability to the Guest.

  23. All of the information on this website is protected by copyright and cannot be duplicated, copied or used for any commercial purpose within the explicit and written consent of Us. You are not allowed to use any data on our website for any commercial purpose. 

  24. Maldive Mosaique liveaboard is owned and operated by Shore Investments Pvt Ltd of the Maldives in partnership with Oz Systems Pty Ltd of Australia.