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This is a short and sweet dive route for a shorter stay onboard the vessel. This itinerary is also for OW and AOWD sometimes with a restriction on minimum dives. The dive instructor on board is responsible for everyone’s safety and can ask people to refrain from joining on a certain dive out if he or she believes they are not experienced enough for a certain dive. it is also possible for OW and AOWD courses to be done on board, we just need advance notification to ensure the appropriately qualified crew is onboard to train the guest. The trip covers partly Male’ Atoll, Ari Atoll, and Vaavu Atoll and geared towards sighting lots of mantas, whale sharks, different species of reef sharks and also gardens of colorful coral reefs with schools of small and big fish.

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Whale sharks at Maamigilli area is usually a guaranteed sight in this tour. We have also included several Manta feeding stations to make sure that you don’t miss diving with this huge and calm creature. NIght dive and wreck dives are amongst the highlights of this charter while channel drift dives and wall dives will get you to see small schools of colorful fish and the fantastic underwater landscape of the Maldives.