If you're looking to visit the world's finest diving, cruising. relaxing, or partying destination, the Maldives is the obvious destination and Mosaique is the obvious yacht for your dream holiday!

Dotted over the Indian Ocean, the 1190 small coral islands of the Maldivian archipelago are globally recognized for its seemingly endless ocean, abundant with spectacular Sea Life. Early Mariners and Seafarers were marveled by the Maldives. Hence a great yacht would definitely be the best way to experience the Maldives and the beauty beneath underwater. The Maldive Mosaique was born to take you for a trip of a lifetime. The Maldive Mosaique, as the name evokes, was designed by fitting together lots of pieces of unique ideas to give you a unique experience in this modern mega-yacht liveaboard of 41m in length and 10m in width.

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Let's begin with the cabins. The boat comprises 4 'Cruiser Cabins', which are 15sqm, 2 'Cruiser Suites' which are 26 sqm, 4 `Sea Breeze' Balcony Rooms and, for the most exclusive of guests, the 80 sqm 'Skylight Suite' on the 3rd level of the vessel. The suite offers  270 degrees panoramic view of the sea, sky and the night stars, it's own private balcony and outdoor bath adding more luxury to this captain's view suite. However, don't feel hard done by if you're in one of the more modest rooms. Each cabin is fitted to a high standard with ensuite toilet, bath, and high-quality furniture.

Other facilities that are on offer on the boat include a Spa, offering a series of treatments for guests to help with any aches and pains and to relieve stress. There is also a Jacuzzi on the top deck which is a huge 120 sqm sunbathing area for those wanting to top-up their tans!

If none of that interests you, there are LED TVs in public areas with music and movies available on demand. The yacht really does offer all the convenience and luxury of a hotel on water.

Scuba Diving is the reason to be on board as the seas of the Maldives have a lot to offer - whether in the dryer season or the monsoon season. The boat is, naturally, fully equipped to cater for all scuba diving requirements. There is a 60ft/20m diving sister vessel which will be used to make the dives with a speed dinghy as a safety vessel. The boat also has a full first aid kit and fire extinguishers as you would expect. But, if you don't fancy diving, why not use one of the jet-skis available!

For Underwater Photographers there are full cleaning and charging facilities onboard. And, should you not have a camera or lap-top of your own, worry not, we can supply this too - complete with 4G coverage to enable you to stay connected where possible.

All in all, this is probably one of the most luxurious boats - bordering on decadent!


The MV Mosaique is a bespoke modern boutique vessel built in 2011 and refurnished in 2017, aimed directly at the High-End of the Market. If you're looking for the ultimate way to travel the magnificent atolls of the Maldives. then this is it. We will receive all the guests at the airport and transfer you to the liveaboard on our diving boat, We will brief you on the week's plan and begin the journey with a test dive. All your meals are prepared to the best of standards by our onboard chefs while we will be able to arrange your gourmet needs if discussed in advance. Free tea, coffee, and water are always available. We will have 3 dives per day in most situations, a night dive and night barbecue. You can visit resorts and other islands if arranged in advance in charter trips. We will guarantee you the sight of Whale sharks and Manta Rays in 99% of trips and that you will leave us wanting to come back as soon as possible.